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The laid back feel is even carried through to the pricing structure – with a 3 day full trial available for just £4.99 as a sort of try-before-you-buy offer, this shows confidence in a very capable- even if different product.By now we have already learned that Loopy Love don’t take the whole relationship finding process quite as seriously than other sites and their profile builder feature offers not only a user friendly and very well guided experience but also a rather fun and light hearted take on building a relationship profile.Loopylove calls itself as the ‘dating site with a difference’.Claiming to have over 1.6 million members, the site takes pride in being one of the most happening dating zones of the UK.While finding a friend or lover is not too easy, the same is not too hard either.The site has an interface that is okay but not great. There’s not a lot that you have to think about or write yourself.If you’re not that good with words and jokes or just get writers’ block whenever you need to fill in questionnaires – no need to worry.

After all this is possibly the best dating site in the UK.Don't waste any more time - simply use the loopy love search facility to find people who live near you - it really couldn't be easier.If you have typed find a good man near me into the search engine find box, you are in luck.Loopy Love have slightly kept to true relationship site form by asking you to complete a few pre set and “expected” questions, the they guide you down a totally different route asking a few quirky questions too for example what your favourite biscuit would be and then giving you dropdown to select from.Everyone on the relationship site team agreed that this was a great way of drawing out the inner most traits of users, and giving a real insight into what makes us tick.

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