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The ice core dating software is a program designed to create a depth-age scale from ice core glaciochemical records.It reads data from comma separated files that contain depth vs. The user selects the elements he wants to plot, and then dynamically perform the dating process on the charts drawn.Import existing reports and place them on your data And many more!Analyst is a Windows based program designed to allow you to view, edit and analyse luminescence data collected using a Ris automated TL/OSL reader, though other instruments may also generate datafiles that are compatible.The User generates a report at the end of the process that contains depth-age information.Files are automatically checked for consistency (Zero values, negative values, correct format...etc) Dating sessions can be saved and resumed later No limit to the number of elements a user can plot and display on the screen at once Log and normal scale are available on the fly Ability to zoom on either X or Y axis, pan the chart and insert comments Add years lines interactively on the plot and delete them.The information provided on this and other pages by me, Geoff Duller ([email protected]), is under my own personal responsibility and not that of the Aberystwyth University.

* When you see an HRM concept in all capital letters, this is a reference to one of the major object classes from my domain model “starter kit.” With more vendors/providers using the “starter kit,” I thought I would begin using that formal terminology, where appropriate, to link the content of my posts to their work in modeling the domain for fun and profit.

Analyst offers a range of facilities, including equivalent dose determination, calculation of fading rates, component fitting of OSL decay curves and various options for visualisation of data.

Additionally, since it is impossible for any analytical program to cater for every possibility it allows you to export the data in a variety of formats so that it can be transferred to other programs, including spreadsheets.

This is the assignment: Your assignment is to write a program for a computer dating service.

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