Fat people dating show

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Because of his weight, everyday tasks like putting on his socks are becoming more and more difficult for him.

'It's like you are stuck in a dead end with nowhere to go,' Chuck adds of his own struggles to lose weight.In the name of supposed empathy, we hear JJ say things like, “It makes me feel fat and sad. ” and, when his wife asks what he’s doing lying down on the floor, saying, “Just trying not to die.” He comes closest to empathy with, “You do feel trapped.I feel for people who are struggling with weight.”During one of the show’s most ridiculous moments, we see JJ sitting down for dinner with his wife and saying, “For years and years and years, we’ve been on the same page.'When I look in the mirror, I think: "Oh my god, I am so fat,"' Ayanna admits in the clip.After taking baseline body mass index measurements, both Chuck and Ayanna learn they are considered morbidly obese, the most severe designation of weight relative to height.'It's like our height plateaus and then our weight increases,' Ayanna says of her life as a little person.

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