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Meanwhile, every other character is flawed, and C3PO always comes off as annoying and getting into trouble - a flawed narrator who doesn’t want his friend being in the limelight.

(This is the third consecutive year that a new film in the franchise has been released.) But there is an even more festive reason to hug the nearest Wookie this “Star Wars Day,” aka “May the Fourth:” the fast approaching 40th anniversary of “The idea was simply to do the high-adventure film that I loved when I was a kid with meaningful psychological themes,” said Lucas as thousands of fans listened in the Orlando auditorium, with tens of thousands more streaming it online. The last prequel, and the final film he was involved with, hit theaters 12 years ago.

And now, for your delectation, we have the results of the worst movies ever made poll.

From the disappointing to the bad to the downright offensive, here is a pile of sick filth that should be banned if the BBFC ever start assessing narrative coherence and filmmaking skill. The one where Spidey went dark, we got three villains for the price of one as a lump of unexplained space goo drives Peter Parker to the eyeliner drawer.

Ignored at the box office, it briefly flourished on DVD, before ending the Nineties claiming the Razzies Worst Picture of the Decade gong - and this was the decade that gave us Batman and Robin.

Great cast, talented director, healthy budget, rubbish movie. Well, if rumours of on-set wrangling are to be believed, Warren Beatty takes a good portion of the blame, although surely he alone couldn't be responsible for the budget ballooning from m to more than m.

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The limited budget meant applying practical effects techniques, many of which had origins dating back to the silent film era. Tolkien before him, he was forced to split his tale into sections.His experiences growing up in the sleepy suburb of Modesto and his early passion for cars and motor racing would eventually serve as inspiration for his Oscar-nominated low-budget phenomenon, Before young Lucas became obsessed with the movie camera, he wanted to be a race car driver, but a near fatal accident in his souped-up Fiat just days before his high school graduation quickly changed his mind.Instead, he attended community college and developed a passion for cinematography and camera tricks.Everest, who looked precious with a bow in her hair and a pacifier in her mouth, was being held by both her mother and father as they secured a life-jacket on their bundle of joy before taking a boat ride together.Lucas and Hobson welcomed their daughter on August 9, 2013.

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