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Over time, however, I learned how to emotionally distance myself from that part of the job. Some even joked with me that they felt panic or dread when they saw my number appear on their caller ID, wondering what they had done. Although I wasn't seeking to ruin anyone's day, asking questions and reaching a finding was just part of my job. There's an old saying: There are always two sides to every story, then there's the truth.Usually the allegation was serious: harassment, discrimination, theft/fraud, conflict of interest. After all, here's what could be on the line: of wrongdoing — a claim without proof at this point. HR has a duty to investigate all claims of inappropriate behavior.These people traffic in false equivalencies, always pretending that both nominees are the same, justifying their apathy and not voting or preening about their narcissistic purity as they cast their ballot for a person they know cannot win.I have no problem with anyone who voted for Trump, because they wanted a Trump presidency.

Others may experience sexual assault as an isolated, singular event.When critics commented that his “O” face looked very real, Rob admitted to actually handling business just below the camera because faking it “just doesn’t. But it wasn’t until decades later that Melvin confessed that not only did he have real sex in the groundbreaking blaxploitation film, he got an STD to prove it.They even gave him worker’s compensation for his trouble.Variety editor Peter Bart says he knows real sex when he sees it and when it comes to Donald and Christie filming the 1973 film “Don’t Look Now” he said, “It was clear to me they were no longer simply acting: they were f*cking on camera.” The truth came out in Bart’s 2011 memoir and confirmed what everyone watching pretty much already knew., almost everyone asked “is there someone down there doing what we think she’s doing?”And in a 2000 interview with Questlove, D’Angelo added fire to the rumor himself.

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