Whos tommy dating in corrie

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Having struck up a close friendship after Rob joined the show last year, the pair have continued to bond.Not long after joining, Rob opened up about his initial worries that his sexuality may make fans struggle to believe his character is in love with a woman on screen but he quickly dismissed these fears.Just when we thought the gobby pocket goddess and queen of fake tan was indestructible - like the Street's version of Captain Scarlet, only orange - she croaked. Just like that: The crash team attempts to resuscitate Tina Mc Intyre with some Tommy Cooper magic. But after being pushed off a balcony and hit over the head with an iron bar, she died as she lived - on her back The last conversation she had had shortly before Tina’s ‘accident’ had ended with Rita walloping young Tina across the chops during a row about her affair with Peter (Tina’s affair that is, not Rita’s. Take that: in the Battle of the Big Hair, there was only going to one winner - veteran prize-fighter Rita, although she regretted it later. Probably thanks to her not Rob She just passed away, motionless, without her beloved orange fake tan and slap, and with her Lovely Hair wrapped up in bandages, after some CPR that looked perfunctory compared to even Vinnie Jones’s demonstrations in those ads. Or Tracy his fiancee and Peter's stepsister who has already committed one murder? When Katy found out the truth, she lashed out in the spur of the moment, killing Tommy with a wrench.Having survived both a 30-feet fall last Tuesday (after a shove by Rob Donovan) and a cosh over the head with an iron bar on Wednesday (Rob again), it was third time unlucky for Tina on Monday as she finally ran out of lives.She then dated Jason Grimshaw but they separated when her depressed father Joe accidentally killed himself in an insurance scam.Tina was helped through her depression by Graeme Proctor but during a marriage sham he left for London with her friend Xin Chiang.

His character will soon come face to face with his missing mum Denise as actress Denise Black has returned to the show.

Things get complicated when to clear the drug debts left by his father Tina agrees to have a surrogate baby for Gary and Izzy.

Tommy is not happy but finally leaves when she invites David to stay after his family throw him out. And I know I didn’t push her, so the only other person I can think of is you....

He is clearly believable on screen and more than engaging to viewers as he is up for the British Soap Award of Best Newcomer, having impressed both his bosses and the fans who watch the show.

He is currently central to the long running ‘Who Pushed Ken Barlow?

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